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Rambo/Kiva Litter

Black Collar Male

Alegro "Rambo" Von der Diamondburg
BH, AD, IPO3, SG rated, KKL1, BHOT
Hip/Elbows OFFA Fair/Normal

Rambo is from our first litter. He is an energetic, medium sized male that enjoys working in the sport of schutzhund. He absolutely loves his ball and when we are not training he enjoys swimming as well, especially dock diving! He's an awesome tracker and especially loves protection work. At the same time he can relax at the house and enjoy "off-time". Overall he is an awesome male!

Kiva Von der Diamondburg

Kiva is one of our up and coming breeding females and happens to be bred by us. Her father is Drago Vom Patriot who was and still is well sired across the world having produced hundreds if not over 1,000 puppies. He is an IPO3 titled dog and famous sire overall. With intense drive and massive size he is an impressive male. Her mom is Karen Anrebri, a direct import, out of the Anrebri kennel in Czechoslovakia.


What comes with your puppy?

2 year hip and health warranty
Full AKC registration (we pay for it)
Lifetime breeder support
Health records up until puppy pick up
72 hour initial check up period with your vet after purchase
Puppy contract

We want you to be happy with your puppy! We also want the puppy to be a good fit for you! We care more about the right fit for the pup and you versus just selling puppies. So we do take the time and encourage you to take your time in picking the RIGHT GSD pup for your situation and family!


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