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german shepherd puppyGerman Shepherd Dogs are absolutely one of the best breeds in the world! They are loyal, intelligent, protective and versatile in nature. They can be working dogs (which they are by nature) or family companions. Great with kids, fun-loving and energetic, they are an all around awesome dog.
It was their versatility that inspired the creation of Von der Diamondburg Kennels. Although we find them to be beautiful in appearance, their loyalty, intelligence and working drive made it an easy decision to work with this breed.
Von der Diamondburg (translates to "from the Diamond Castle) Kennels provides quality German Shepherd Dogs for pets and in some cases for sport. We are a licensed facility located in Atlanta Georgia. Select dogs at Von der Diamondburg are raised and trained  in basic obedience, endurance testing or the sport of Schutzhund for the purpose of getting them titled. However, we have gotten feedback from previous puppy buyers that they do a variety of activities with their pups purchased from us including herding, hunting, service dog work, agility and personal protection.

german shepherd puppyIf not working, our dogs stay very active with daily exercise and also interact with us daily. They love riding in the car just about anywhere we go and love being out in nature. The pregnant dams are housed in our personal home to be as comfortable as possible while having their pups and to get the undivided attention they need.We don't just leave our pregnant dams to whelp on their own! We are involved in the whelping by helping when needed and keep a close eye on them in case vet assistance is needed as well. The puppies enjoy positive human interaction from birth by being physically handled even at that early age and as they continue to grow. This is done DAILY! We feel that this type of interaction is an excellent early socialization tool that will only benefit the pup later. As they get older we do expose them to family, friends and children to get the puppies comfortable with human interaction and being handled by different people. Positive human interaction (among other acts of socialization) is done because we understand the importance of early and continuous socialization for this breed. Other examples of socialization that are done are exposing the puppies to various topographies (grass, carpet, pebble rock in the dog run, cement, etc.) as early as 4 weeks old, car rides to get them out of the house and used to motion and play time in the yard with their litter mates.

We appreciate you visiting our website and hope you enjoy the information and photos! We hope we can provide you your next GSD puppy!

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